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1030 SW 74TH ST Oklahoma City, OK 73139
1030 SW 74TH ST, Oklahoma City, OK 73139
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Honda Genius | Master Your Honda

Honda Genius | Master Your Honda

It’s harder than ever to keep up with the ever-changing technological world. We just don’t have time to master the ins-and-outs of our new phones, tablets, televisions and the like. And just when you’ve got it figured out, a new update puts you back at square one.

These days, technology in your car can be just as complicated as your phone’s new operating system. That’s why we’ve created the Honda Genius. our genius is here to walk you through all of the new features that come equipped in your new Honda! If you need help with your touchscreen, pairing your phone or anything in between, our genius is here to help. And the best part? Their guidance is free of charge!

If you’d you like to schedule some time to visit with a Honda Genius, give them a call at (405) 631-4444 or send an email to They’re looking forward to helping you master your Honda!

Honda Genius | Master Your Honda
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